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HELLO, I’m MJ and I'm a self-taught artist living in Melbourne, Australia.


My illustrations are all about mental health, self-love and personal growth. I create art to send encouraging messages to sad souls who struggle with their mental health conditions. I also create art to heal my own soul. Making art is helping me a lot to open up and let out.


I believe that little things can lighten up our mood and bring moments of joy. My art is here to remind you to take care of your mental health. My arts are a mindful gift for sad souls who wants to be kind to themselves and motivated.


My stickers and handmade stationery items keep positive messages within your reach. They become part of your daily life as a reminder. My shop has various items to inject a dose of positivity into you. Visit my Etsy shop ‘SadHumansHope’ to browse.


I share my daily art and its process on Instagram and TikTok @hhumanmj

Come say hello!

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